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You will know our In color In line In style

Can you imagine these artists who keeps creating these unique pieces of art that no one else cares about?

All the works are completed by us, which are different from traditional art and the current mainstream art style.

Art is universal, and every style has an opportunity to show.

Unique art style, I think it’s cool, no?

We are RARITY SHOW, we are not famous, but we create artistic value.

About me

About creative direction

With a dark, deep theme, it’s RARITY SHOW.

It might make you feel negative about life, or darken your mood, but it’s still art, isn’t it?

That’s right, non-mainstream character modeling and color matching are our creative direction.

RARITY SHOW’s works make you remember at a glance, this is its characteristic.

They may not be of any genre, but this is our style.

About me

About Inspiration

Dennis, our best art buddy.

He is also a sleeper and the inspiration for RARITY SHOW’s first work was created in his own image.

Yes, he loves this job very much.

He shows us a sleep-deprived spiritual world, and he creates these works from the perspective of sleep deprivation.

RARITY SHOW also calls attention to those afflicted by certain diseases.

You should see all the